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Here’s a time traveler- Leslie Howard! Berkeley Square, a slow-moving fantasy-drama, was released in 1933 and depicts life in England in the late 1700’s. Watching it now requires several fantastic mental time shifts in addition to the ones required by the plot. Who IS this Leslie Howard anyway?
Now, for a nickel you could get a nice hunting magazine. Could be some useful tips in there about training bird dogs, or building a blind. Anyways, it’s nice to page through when you’re waiting for a haircut.
Vogue magazine is finding a way to include the “Blue Eagle” on their iconoclastic cover. The Roosevelt administration has only been on the job since March and they’ve already got an alphabet soups’ worth of government programs started. The National Recovery Administration seems pretty severe, with codes restricting prices and wages and working hours, but it’s starting out with some excellent promotions.
The “real” NRA will have you know that it was incorporated back in the 1800’s. The association’s magazine has what now would be considered a creepy title. Not the sort of associations they were intending.
The government’s NRA can muster out a whole lot of people, at least this one time. Today in ’33 they held a parade for progress in New York City. The mayor shut down business for half a day to accommodate the event- but of course he could do that, what with the dictatorial powers granted to him by the NRA. A quarter of a million people marched, it took 10 hours in all, and an estimated 1.25 million watched. Some reviewers felt it was a little too much like those events they were holding in Germany at the time. Mass demonstrations were certainly a thing in 1933.

enter the crowd here.

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