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For being the Promised Land, California has always had its share of natural disasters. If nobody lived there things would be fine! But it’s an active area, geologically and meteorologically, and there’s floods, and droughts, and earthquakes, and fires. No hurricanes, however, and few tornadoes or blizzards for the most part, so I guess they’re about even.
But tragically, some stupid managers sent 1,500 unemployed men into a wildfire without proper training or supervision, and they were put on the wrong side of a canyon fire, which swept up and over those who couldn’t climb fast enough. I wonder if any criminal charges were brought, or if anyone was held responsible for over 30 deaths?
Looks like a scene from Pompeii.
On a lighter note- could this be the church from November Rain? Sure looks right. It’s an amazing shot because the barn in the distant valley is so clear and so exactly placed as to make the tiny church look huge. Photo by Edward Weston.
And a slogan which became a sort of in-joke, a sort of meme for pot heads in the 1970’s, appears in print for the first time this week. Lucky Strikes had one of those try-hard ad agencies. One catch phrase was never enough. They would soon have to drop their “It’s Toasted” slogan because it was being roundly mocked by all the other cigarette companies, so “So round and pure and fully packed” was being introduced. But my favorite part of this ad is that they use the “watery tart holding a sword” idea from the Arthurian legend, only with the woman’s arm extending the pack of Luckies from out of the tobacco plant. This sort of thing is really creepy if you actually look closely at it.

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