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Wednesday, October 11

There was a king in Siam, but there was also a popular uprising which established a republic. The king remained as a symbolic representative of the country, but when the republic began to make plans to turn over land to the common people, certain interests staged a counter-revolution in order to return power to the king- who would keep things much as they were. Well, this led to a counter-counter revolution, with a General Boworadet leading troops in the provinces against the central government. As in Cuba, factions formed and sides were chosen, but nobody really wanted a civil war. By the end of the month Boworadet was wrestled out of the country.
Tarzan chooses a Jane, and they take a swim.
The flying Lindberghs are checking out northern Europe all summer and have just arrived in England from Norway.
Among the major construction projects this year in the USA, Hoover dam has entered the concrete pouring phase of its construction. There will be some large refrigeration plants running to cool the concrete as it cures, otherwise it’s so massive that it would take ten years to set.
And happy birthday to the FLOTUS. She takes a good picture.

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