Monday, March 1

Wednesday, November 15

Another day with all the ordinary things happening. Tragedy in Texas when an 18 year old boy is pulled from his rowboat by a big catfish and drowns. A duckpin tournament is documented in Virginia. A wedding party is photographed at a dance hall in New Jersey where Walkathons are held. “They have gone 840 hours”
Electric trolley bus service begins in Moscow. I wondered why the drivers kept their front windows open- it wasn’t because it was so hot inside, but because of frost. Nice job.
At the Hermitage they have noticed that treasures of the State have been getting “loaned” out to other museums around the country. Not any longer. I imagine the smocks these workers are wearing are to prevent jewels from slipping accidentally into their pockets?
The Great Lakes can get mighty rough in winter. You would think that having crossed the North Atlantic a Norwegian boat and crew would not be caught unprepared, but they’ve run aground. All for a load of sawdust.

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