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Wednesday, May 17

This is a big find- the radio program One Man’s Family hit America’s eardrums today and wormed its way into the nation’s image of itself for the next couple of decades. Be sure to have a listen to the girl talk I’ve sampled- did anyone actually believe this drivel? What kept this program on the air for so long?
I suppose it expressed ideas that radio listeners wanted to believe about themselves. Fantasyland. The same goes for Norway’s Quisling, whose name, like Dr. Mudd, has become shorthand for a certain type of underhanded behavior. Quisling, like Dollfuss in Austria, thought that he could set himself up as dictator. But while Dollfuss actually had the position and the smarts to make a creditable attempt, Quisling had nothing but the uniform, flags and emblems, and the crappy belief system.
The most substantial fantasy in today’s post was the Spanish government thinking they could ban Catholic schools and nationalize church property. Spain, right? Home of the Inquisition? The government may have been able to keep itself afloat for a little while this way, but that old backlash thing helped to do them in. It’s about what a nation thinks of itself- the fantasy- which, for better or worse, lots of people are willing to die for.

See it here– today only!

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