Saturday, November 28

Wednesday, June 21

Higher up today- here’s Chamberlain, named after the position of British King’s fixer, captioned “The Prime Minister will make the speeches”, because Chamberlain is Chancellor of the Exchequer, whose job it is to toddy up the budget or something. Neville, his dad and at least one brother were all hooked up in government service. He couldn’t get the US to entirely cancel England’s war debt, but he got the interest rate cut significantly. A decent manager.
There’s a bike race in France. Interesting to have a national sporting event that travels around the country and lasts about a month. Is there anything else like it?
A vision of the future at the Fair, for real. This giant robotically controlled audio-visual show may have given old Walt some ideas- or it may have been a complete dud. The Story of Oil? I mean, these guys did have the money to create this monster, but surely this show revolved around the uses of pitch and brave geologists in strange lands and high stakes investments. Now, had they told the real story of oil, of government agencies toppling foreign powers and 60 year contracts, this could have been a blockbuster!

Enjoy the heights here.

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