Thursday, January 21

Wednesday, June 14

Here’s another little remembered aviator, who in 1933 was making headlines as he “battled” Wiley Post for the solo ’round the world record. Jimmie Mattern had wealthy oilman backers, a plane painted to resemble an eagle and named the “Century of Progress” and plenty of brains and determination. What he didn’t have was good luck at the time, crashing in Siberia on his second attempt. On the other hand, he was rescued from that inhospitable place and went on to a long and productive career. Wiley Post went on to crash in Alaska, taking Will Rogers with him.
Meanwhile, there’s a little bike race going on in France.
Here’s the official song of the World’s Fair in Chicago. This illustration shows the official spirit of the fair, the “I Will” lady, with the bored goddess expression that was favored by most illustrators of the time. Or maybe the song was just that bad, I dunno.

See the artwork for the music here.

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