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Wednesday, July 26

What can you do when you have nothing? The story of Charles Albert Tindley is told to witness redemption, to witness a greater power, because he started out with about as little as it’s possible to have. With no education and no home to speak of he raised himself up to become a great man, a healer and an educator. Our culture teaches us to value self reliance, hard work and self discipline, then it gives us such examples as Henry Ford and Bill Gates to emulate. It’s nothing but the worship of silver.
Meanwhile, here’s Afghanistan, just waiting for us.
Here’s a fine automobile, the Silver Arrow, of which 4 were produced in 1933. It wasn’t due so much to the styling, which I think was pretty fine, but the $10,000 price tag may have been a stumbling block for potential buyers. That and the fact that it seemed to have less room inside than a Model A.
They held a World Economic Summit in London for the past several weeks, and about all they came up with was that gold was kaput as an index for currency- so let’s try silver. Deals were struck enforcing limits to production which helped the silver producing countries like the USA and badly damaged the silver buying countries, like China. Don’t worry, after a few hard years things will settle down!

Hi-Ho Silver, away!


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