Tuesday, August 4

Wednesday, July 19

Wow- that Jantzen one-piece is making a big splash this summer. Billed as “molded-fit” and weighing mere ounces, it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship- although one with its anxious moments. The cartoon is from England.
We haven’t heard much from gangland lately, but they’re still at work. This banker got lucky- that’s about as close as you’ll see these two smiling! Not shown- an account of the Feds machine-gunning an actual rum-runner, killing two in the process. Yes, prohibition is about to be repealed, but there are still fortunes to be made.
The president spent the day in his room, according to his personal secretary. Newspaper accounts say he was slightly ill after his yachting trip down the Potomac yesterday. I think I know that feeling- well, he still received some visitors in his suite in New York City.
The Italian Armada was in NYC as well today, heading back home. What strange and beautiful aircraft they were. I’d love to hear them in flight, but I imagine being beneath those engines for eight or more hours wasn’t a lot of fun.

missions accomplished here.

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