Sunday, September 27

Wednesday, July 12

Who could’a predicted? After letting the story claiming that there was Semitic blood running in Adolf Hitler’s veins simmer for a day or two, the Austrian press demands a denial from Germany. Common sense, right? I mean, if your guy isn’t Jewish, just prove it. How long will we, the people, keep falling for this shit? As one New York City Jew put it- the answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.
Some mixed messages today. Photographer Hedda Morrison preserves things for us in China that we are forbidden to see, things that may no longer exist, or that it seemed at the time would soon be destroyed. The interior of a building, decorated in patterns that seem both crude and subtle.
Stories of detective Jimmie Lavender- not exactly Mike Hammer- and of mobsters muscling in on buried pirate gold. Don’t worry, the French Foreign Legion arrives at the last minute.
A recruiting letter from an old frat brother, urging a guy to come join this new football club, the Eagles. I “have enjoyed it very much, especially finasially.” (sic) as they say.
And the image of foreign war planes passing over the British Isles. I don’t think for one minute that Mussolini considered this a test run, this was all about peaceful international relations.

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