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Wednesday, December 27

They talk about “living rough” a lot in the 1930’s, it’s hard to imagine a rougher place to live outdoors than the Khyber pass. In all the photos I’ve looked at this past year I haven’t seen more joy on anyone’s face than on the guy laughing with this little camel driver.
Inside, there’s room for reflection. There’s much craftiness in everything about this photo, including the delicate way that the light in the room is captured by the photographer. In case you’ve never seen such a thing, on the other side of the oddly shaped box in the corner is a stairway up to a higher floor. About the steepest, twistiest, narrowest stairway you’d ever want to climb. Not a wasted inch in this house.
Back outside, this is good, hard ice by the looks of it. Did you know that ice is a mineral?
Mr. Landeck is out waiting for the mail truck. It isn’t only that it’s one of the few ways to stay in touch with the rest of the world in winter, it’s that it gives him something to do for ten or fifteen minutes in the morning. I can practically hear the whining, grinding low gear of the approaching vehicle- it’s so quiet outdoors in winter.
There’s always something to do if you’ve the money to pay for it, like here in St. Moritz, but I wouldn’t deny Mrs. Jellicoe a single moment of the fun she is having with her children. She’s remembering how she skated when she was a gurrl I’d imagine.

make a figure of eight here.

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