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While pulling on the threads of the waves of time, a small knot came unraveled yesterday. Several years back I had come across some photos of a couple playing in the nude in the water, taken in 1933. I didn’t know who the photographer was, or who the people were- well, the internet is like that most of the time.
So I was looking at a collection of photos by Henri Cartier-Bresson and yo! There were these pictures! Because Henri was famous for his candid shots, and because these were obviously not so candid, I had to wonder what the connection was. Turns out that in the European art scene everybody knew everybody else, and the woman in the pictures was an up-and-coming surrealist, Leonor Fini.
Her LES AMIES which I see anglicized as “Girl Friends” is an early work, from ’33. Can you see furries? If not, you’re not getting enough tic-tok.
The colors reminded me of an ad I’d wanted to run yesterday but had overlooked. Oddly enough, it’s an ad for the cleaning powder Bon Ami. Yeah, I used to hate that Comet grit myself as a kid on Saturdays.
Henri gives us a bit more than a little side boob in his pictures of Leonor. She wasn’t at all shy. The last photo is also by Cartier-Bresson, at what I assume are changing rooms at a beach. Leonor seems to be camping it up a bit, all swaddled up like a baby, but what a terrific composition. Some of the good art from 1933.

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