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The Revolt of the Sergeants, day 2. Five co-rulers are selected to run the government after the Cuban President dismisses his cabinet and resigns. Say, who is that tall American diplomat on the left? Sumner?
So apparently he was in the thick of things, or at least, was in close contact with the revolutionaries. Other news reports that a US cruiser and two destroyers arrived to “protect American interests” in Havana. The marine’s letters to home describe his experiences of the past several weeks. Lucky they didn’t have to shoot any of the “natives”.
Do you wonder what sort of reality that young marine was raised up in? Here’s a picture of a class from a school in Texas, where he was from. I guess they didn’t encourage kids to smile for the camera there. At first I thought that all these kids (looks like a one-room school) had the exact same flat expressions on their mugs, but if you look close you can make out some individual personalities. Some poor kids up front with no shoes, but others are dressed middle class. My vote for the one that manages to escapes from this town? Girl on far left, third row from front.
September been bad for those in the flying game. “Treetops” Klingensmith died in this crash in an air race, witnesses say the tail broke as she passed the grandstand at 200 mph. Another racer was killed earlier qualifying for this race.
I like seeing what places looked like in ’33. Doesn’t have to be anyplace special. They’re still installing signal lights here, so traffic is being controlled by policemen. Something a little weird about the picture, almost like a Google street view. Strange.
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