Thursday, January 21

Tuesday, September 12

Science AND Life. Leo Szilard read an article in London which claimed that there was no energy to be obtained from the atom, took a stroll, and imagined how, with the right material, a nuclear chain reaction might occur.
There’s a championship fight and the little guy wins it in 15 rounds. Wins 2 titles at the same time.
After setbacks and bad logistics, an irrigation project makes a leap toward completion on the Afghan boarder.
Nella Braddy Henney receives a congratulatory telegram on the publication of her book about the teacher of Helen Keller, Anne Sullivan.
In Philadelphia, a heavy cruiser is launched. The portion of the ship that the young lady is about to strike will end up somewhere on the bottom of the Pacific. The rest of the USS Minneapolis will remain afloat, and after repairs, continue to do battle.

see the unsinkable here.

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