Tuesday, October 27

Tuesday, October 3

German ex-patriot Hedda Morrison was taking a lot of photographs in China. I like the looming presence of the Bodhasattva, but there seems to be something missing from its hands? Had it held, like in some movie, a fabulously enormous ruby which has been stolen? Or is it drawing our attention to the area of the heart?
In 1933, what we now call HVAC was known as Heating, Piping, and Air Conditioning. There was a lot of steam heat, I guess, so there was an emphasis on pipes. Wouldn’t want any high-pressure steam pipes failing! This thing looks like a big heart, or lungs with an extra tube or something.
The Italian postage stamp was made for some college-level Olympic competition they were having. Who knows why, but the words “Dux Mussolini” have been inverted on the column behind the statue. No doubt because it just looked better that way- those crazy Italians and their fixation on style! Won’t be the last time they invert Mussolini.
A photo of a waste land, out near Death Valley, California. The date on the photo says “1933-1942”. No one knows exactly when it was taken, but considering the subject matter, it can’t matter very much.

it’s somewhere out west.

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