Tuesday, July 27

Tuesday, October 17

Crossing over, Albert Einstein arrives in America. They rush him over to New Jersey on a tug, possibly worried about an assassination attempt by the SA. The guy had a rather large price on his head. Egghead.
Some folks can make the crossing under their own power. The irony of a 17 year old girl swimming to San Fransisco from her home on inescapable Alcatraz Island wasn’t lost on the press at the time. She had pep.
Santa Monica is developing the iconic Southern California spread. The hills are already lost in haze.
The Three Diamonds company is racing into the future. When I was growing up, everyone put the Japanese down by saying that they only knew how to copy Western technology, that they weren’t inventors like us Yankees, nor did they have the genius for theory like Einstein. They seem to have done pretty well with their limited gifts.

ride a big wave today, here.

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