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Tuesday, October 10

There is a lot of labor action happening around the USA in 1933. On this day, three were killed by farmers trying to break a strike by migrant cotton workers, who were being paid starvation wages. Pesky workers! Always wanting to feed their families.
Some are flying high. United Airlines was able to maintain its schedule even while operating at less than 50% capacity. Unfortunately, as it turned out, for the four passengers on a flight to Chicago, the first confirmed domestic plane bombing in the states. Forensic science was pretty good though, as they traced the location of the bomb to a pillow compartment at the rear of the plane. They never learned who put it there, or why.
I went to grade school with Margaret Brundage, but not the one who was creating covers for Magic Carpet and Weird Tales in 1933. She took some heat for her scantily clad (and sometimes bondaged) cover victims, but at $90 a pop, who could blame her? A girl’s gotta eat.
And humor, by a “girl” confronting the problem of not how, but where, to eat. The self-described “waggish wench” must surely be that Dorothy Parker, bemoaning the gentrification of her beloved speakeasies.

the portions are huge here.

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