Monday, March 1

Tuesday, November 21

It’s all frost and harvest in the Northern Hemisphere, but it’s warming up down under, where a pier full of people are enjoying the sun. The Akaroa looks shiny and clean, and I see they have the rat-guards on the lines. There’s a lot of preparation involved in putting out to sea.
In England, the Queen is required to open Parliament so that the official mechanisms of government can be set in motion. By this point I’m fairly certain that those machines are running all the time anyway, but the people will have their traditions.
Field hockey is an underrated sport, somewhat arcane like cricket, low-scoring like football (soccer) and technical. In 1933 collegiate play the uniforms weren’t helping to make things any more interesting, and there’s a distinct lack of spectators at this title game. Nevertheless, they persist.
Paramount, having just ended its contract with those problematic Marx Brothers, will be having a go with nice pictures like this one seems to be. Will Dorothea thrill a million hearts? Worth a shot, I guess.

ready for your closeup, here.

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