Monday, March 1

Tuesday, November 14

Today the old man of the race of dictators, Mussolini, made a speech outlining his plans for something he called the Corporate State in Italy. Will it make the trains run on time?
There are Anglophiles in America who think nothing of hunting the fox on a crispy fall weekend. They only choose the best Goodyear tyres for their woodies, too.
A German pal of Gertrude Stein has taken to life out West and is now making paintings of cowgirls, mines, and fishing. It’s a small world.
Hunting is good for the nerves. It also delivers cash to back-country enterprises. Wouldn’t a nice Rocky Mountain Sheep head look great in your den?
The U.S. Government Printing Office is the largest printing plant in the world in 1933. Here’s one of the reasons why- they were cranking out paperwork to go along with state control of the economy. Of course it all relied on the voluntary cooperation of industry, which was reinforced with shaming and the threat of fines.
talking horse sense here.

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