Tuesday, October 27

Tuesday, May 9th

Today’s central image is the central panel of a mural by Diego Rivera, called “Mankind at the Crossroads”. It was intended to be displayed in the newly constructed Rockefeller Plaza. But that mural was plastered over, and later destroyed.

Could this moment be the very axis of the core of time? Or just one of many?

I’ve taken the background colors of all today’s images from Rivera’s mural. In doing so, I noticed that it’s a very dark palette- the areas that look bright are only bright in contrast to the rest. And this is in contrast to what I would expect from Mexican art- so there’s something I learned today.

My use of background colors continues to evolve. They correlate with the images, in sometimes obvious ways like Tuscan Red being used for images of the Pennsylvania Rail Road, but usually across a wider spectrum, such as shades of pale blue for the various aviation images. Ideally, the central meaning of an image will fall on some point in the spectrum of visible light.

This is a mapping, of course, because this happens to be the spectrum of electromagnetic waves we see. It’s also a metaphor, of course, because our sense of what time is happens to be the portion of time that we’re aware of.

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