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Tuesday, May 23

During a Congressional hearing, it is revealed that J. P. Morgan legally paid no taxes in 1931 and 1932. This caused a great public outcry, the result being that the scene in the hearing room was chaotic. “We are having a circus,” complained Sen. Carter Glass, D-Va., “and the only things lacking now are peanuts and colored lemonade.” Not sure what he meant by “colored” in this case, but at any rate, a savvy P.R. man for Barnum and Baily showed up with diminutive Lya Graf, a performer for the concern, and dropped her in Morgan’s lap one morning. Seems like everyone enjoyed the joke.
The photo made all the papers. The only thing missing was T.V. coverage, but this is well on its way, as you can see from the RCA test screen. Yes, it’s a little warped, but completely recognizable- the idea works. Too bad about the lawsuits concerning Farnsworth’s patent on the scanning idea, or television might have been a thing by now.
What was a thing was this next common appliance, or at least, as I understand it, it’s an appliance which is still ubiquitous in European countries. I know I’ve seen it in foreign films before. An electric coffee maker, I believe it’s made of aluminum, and it was so cheap and effective that it swept the world, the Mr. Coffee of 1933.

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