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In a sign of the times, the German National Peoples Party is banned. Their coalition with the Nazi party earlier in the year had given Hitler the votes he needed to carry out his plans. Who knew? Well, they probably failed in part because of their crummy logo. Who would want to identify with a political party who’s mighty eagle looked like he’d had his beak cut off and had been given a bad haircut? At least his sunglasses were cool- in a Joe Biden sort of way.
So we won’t have to put up with this logo, which looked like a 6 year old designed it. We all know how cool the Nazi logo looked, but what else was there in front of our eyeballs in ’33? One of the old, almost naturalistic logos was in the process of turning into a schematic of the thing it represented, but in 1933 it was still plainly and obviously a shell.
The Italians, on the other hand, know a thing or two about style. When the son of the designer joined Gucci, one of his first accomplishments was this logo. Seems to have held up well, although I always took it for some kind of a buckle. Maybe that was intentional?
A different sort of German settled on this clean version of an earlier symbol in 1933. Again, a classic look that hasn’t needed any revision.
Now, the French. The French think they know a thing or two about design, but this is a logo only a Frenchman would love. What IS that thing, anyway, and why would I feel confidant getting into an airplane with this painted on it? Are the pilots up in the cockpit casting spells or reading chicken guts or something?
Another sort of German incorporated the object which lay behind their company’s existence into their logo, after abandoning a classical theme similar to the French design. Amazone used to have a topless lady with a spear riding a horse to represent their harvesting equipment. This logo may appear to be a throwback, but believe me, it was a massive improvement.
But, when it comes to throwbacks, this last one can’t be beat, in my opinion. Never change, Redwings!

observe the signals here.

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