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Tuesday, July 25

I’m sure that there were treadmills from way long before 1933, but this one is electric. As far as I can tell from this drawing there’s no internet connection, but it does have vacuum tubes, which means that it’s not only electric, it’s electronic. Something is going on in there which may involve a feedback mechanism, a servo, which might adjust the speed of the tread to your pace. Whatever, the most important feature is the reading stand- gotta keep the brain occupied while exercising.
They invented the treadmill, but not the jogging suit. However, in France they have all kinds of suits, and isn’t Miss Europe all dolled up for a trip on a trolley? My favorite part of this publicity shot is the dude with the ultimate Gaulish expression of “eh- she’s not so much”.
Yes it’s hurricane season in 1933 too. This one is heading for Florida.
Speaking of grim news, how about relaxing after dinner with the latest edition of The Reaper? Not shown- the tables of sales figures reported on the last pages of this paper. Sales… of what? Bibles? Those Adventists really know what motivates people.
Now, for light reading, you can’t beat a souvenir from the Enchanted Island at the Chicago World’s Fair. Why, this is nothing but a two-bit ring from a Cracker Back Jox!

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