Tuesday, August 4

Tuesday, July 18

Fun with film today. First up- this gal riding on the prow of a speed boat. Kind of risky, but man, is she frisky! I would call this particular cover at least ten years ahead of its time, both for subject and execution.
Next up, a reminder that women are the gentle sex. Merely a summer’s idyll, ancient Greece evoked, yet… someone may have felt a little “knotty” having their picture taken like this. I hope so.
All is business- film business, by Edward Land. Cripe, it took 4 years for this patent to be approved. In all that time think of the number of cool sunglasses that tragically weren’t sold! But Hollywood would soon catch up.
These German women are in training. No Greek “idle” for them- they have a big job to do, reversing the decline in the Aryan birth-rate. Thanks to the Hollerith punched card system, everyone’s health and heritage could be exactly determined. Unwed mothers were welcome, provided they could show evidence of the provenance of the baby-daddy. They’d be paid, and the child could be sent to a state-run nursery. Sieg Heil!
Meanwhile, at the Chicago World’s Fair, Ford is turning their automobiles into chandeliers.

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