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Tuesday, August 1

It isn’t just the eagle, it’s the message of common purpose behind the propaganda that is striking. If 1933 was about fascism, it was also about the dissolution of norms, and fear of the strange. Why can’t things go back to normal!
What kept the United States from falling into a dictatorship- or did it? If you read the National Recovery Act you may be astonished at the breadth of government control of business, economics, and individual rights that it established. But of course, much of this was overturned in court.
Aptly named Fortune Magazine did us the service of mapping out Bananaland. A real territory, for sure. Curious about the prominence of the Tropical Radiotelegraph Company & affiliated companies. Sounds a little like intelligence work to me. Some colonies aren’t going to take much more of this.
Selling leisure time to the working classes is a good way to claw back that excessive capital they’ve accumulated. Picture the romance of the seaside resort! Well, picture it- or you could pay your rent if you could afford to.

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