Tuesday, October 27

Thursday, September 28

It’s a year for setting aviation records. This time it’s a Frenchman in a Potez 33 reaching a new altitude of 44,819 feet. Pretty good for a prop driven plane. The air is rare up there. But the French have been pretty good at all things related to airplanes since the beginning. Up ’til 1933 at least.
The Poles have something they’re pretty good at too, and that is graphic design. They were able to draw from the work of the dada, modernist, and surrealist schools and integrate it into their commercial art. The rest of the world was still drawing speedlines, while their work is shocking, bold, and humorous. The cover of Private Investigator magazine would work as cover art for a nineties metal band, and St. Francis (complete with stigmata) is leaning right into the 1950’s at least.
Americans build stuff. There’s Boulder Dam going up, and the Golden Gate Bridge, but one remarkable bit of construction that doesn’t get much attention was a bridge across the Mississippi a few miles upstream of NO. There are a lot of construction photos at the Library of Congress. For instance, they couldn’t reach bedrock there in the delta (it’s about 1,000 feet down) so instead they wove big mats out of willow wood, laid them on sand, and built the bridge supports on top of that. Still standing.

let that all sink in here.

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