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Thursday, September 14

Much of the world is a colony of some other part of the world. The island of Taiwan was awarded to the Empire of Japan after the First Sino-Japanese War in 1895. Who does this awarding, anyway? And who were the Taiwanese people? How did they feel about the transfer?
Well, they got a nice arcade out of the deal, anyway. Now, in the Buchuanaland British Protectorate, there were only about 7 miles of paved road. The British had a sort of hands-off approach to this area west of South Africa. They only intended to keep other nations, like the Germans, out of it. The local chieftain was the law- until and unless a white man was the defendant and was found guilty and punished. Considering that what the defendant had probably done would have been considered rape anywhere in the civilized world, he had gotten off lightly, and had, by all accounts, accepted his punishment. But the British could not allow this precedent to stand.
You can teach the indigenous peoples to play cricket, but they may prefer their own crude sports. Like this bunch of Irish gathered around the wireless set, listening to hurling. Imagine how the announcing went for that.
Eels may be delicious. I hear they aren’t bad at all. I just don’t want to know how they’re prepared, is all.

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