Tuesday, October 27

Thursday, October 5

New Mexico was being discovered by the artists in 1933. There was something special about the clouds there, I suppose. Ansel Adams was staking his claim on sky.
They had a World Series that October. 43,000 spectators for game 3, plus a huge radio audience. Let’s take the afternoon off!
Bell Telephone was doing a lot of advertising in 1933. Which seems weird, because the only competition they had was… not using the telephone. They were pushing long distance, and business use, and here they just want to seem friendly.
Today we honor the passing of one of the greats. Harry Cooper, aka Rail-Road Jack, died alone on the road near Ann Arbor, one of his bases of operation. He had a peculiar mind- he was able to recall anything he had read- so he took this on the road, living as a hobo, challenging all comers to stump him with any fact or figure from history. His death certificate lists his occupation as “philosopher”.

Let’s remember him here.

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