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Thursday, October 12

First released in 1909, Norman Angell’s The Great Illusion makes the argument that a modern war would be so costly, and produce so little in spoils, that no one could possibly support it. Logical and well argued, it was a big seller and all the great minds agreed. 5 years later, World War I.
Well, Angell decided to update the book in 1933. His thesis remained the same, however. 6 years later, World War II. Somebody, please take his typewriter.
Some folks think the real war started sometime in the Middle Ages and it’s still on-going. These Lawrence Mass crusaders didn’t have nearly as many domestic Muslims to hate as today, but they appear to be ready for battle. Never forget!
The hammer drops on the Machine Gun and his spouse- it’s life for him. He doesn’t seem terribly upset with the verdict, does he?
Conveniently, the Army transferred its detention center on Alcatraz Island to the US Government today, beginning it’s infamous period as a Federal prison. There’s no escaping it, it’s an American Icon.
Finally, just a couple of news items in the papers. Yes, foreigners were getting roughed up on the streets of Germany by the SA- probably their own fault. Nobody could have predicted where this would lead. Here in the states, we may be right-wingers, but we’re polite about it, and won’t have any of these little splinter groups toppling the government. The Khaki Shirts. Buncha farmers!

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