Tuesday, December 1

Thursday, November 9

Show of hands. There’s an old pickup line. The Victorian “rake” proposes to the girl that she come up to his place to see his etchings. If the rake’s etchings included this Picasso, it would be like asking a girl out to see A Clockwork Orange on the first date.
Adolf and the boys like to remember the old days, when they were young and full of cum, and how they tried to overthrow the government that one time? LOLs! Good thing the Germans love their beer.
The other diplomats think that the Nazis may be overcompensating just a tad. Many still didn’t understand how deeply crazy they were.
FDR launches what was in reality a “make work” program. It offered some 4,000,000 unemployed a paycheck for tidying up around the place, grading playing fields and building bleachers. He got called out for it, and the program was soon ended, but as a real-world example of paying people to dig holes and fill them up again it was a success. The Works Progress Administration would take a couple of years to get established, but stuff they built is still with us today.

watch your hands, here.

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