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Thursday, May 11

On this day the House of Saud invested a Crown Prince. Sadly, I can find no photographs of Saud of Saud at his investment, but in general the royals seemed to love their children, and had a lot of them. This young man had to wait 20 years to become King.
There were more tornadoes in the USA today, killing 54 people in Tennessee and Kentucky. This was the seventh major storm series already in 1933. Quite a bad season.
I’m posting less date-specific images today however. The cartoonist who produced the hilarious image of Emily Post sipping tea with her feet up on the table created the Tree of Modern Art with its upper branches entwined. Miguel Covarrubias is well worth a goog, he’s smart and funny and seems to capture the off-balance feeling of the times.
The photograph below the tree captures the just plain ugliness that is present in so much of the art created in ’33. I mean, seriously, not so much disturbing or edgy art, just a lot of art that seems to say “How bad can it get?” That is a valid message.
Next, a shipwreck, off a dangerous point in California, where plenty of ships came to grief. Shipwrecks seem pretty rare in our times, but they didn’t have radar and GPS in 1933. Just lights and horns.
What they did have was a lot of interest in science. There were big advances being made in physics, mathematics and the earth sciences. The “Catalyst” trapped deep-sea creatures and studied them onboard ship. Unfortunately, I think most of the samples burst when displaced from the tremendous pressure of their native habitat.

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