Sunday, September 27

Thursday, June 29

It’s a big day when the new issue arrives. There are a lot of magazines out there, but this one, left casually on an end table, will tell your guests that you have class, refinement- even if you don’t bother having fish.
America is still in the gee-wiz period of its air power, to judge from this invitation. I think that what looks like a bat symbol is actually just a bomb with wings. The triangle helpfully indicates direction of travel. Notice the two forms of observation depicted. I get the buzzard, can someone help me out with the first one? Maybe aerial photography.
The French Grand Prix starting grid, a small field in a big field. Can’t you just smell ’em? These cars would burn, leak, or otherwise displace gallons of oil during a race. That’s one of the reasons a mechanic rode along- to operate a pump.
And who better to provide all of that oil but our old friend the Sinclair Dinosaur? He died catastrophically so that Frenchmen could race automobiles! Now we know that this “dinosaur” didn’t actually exist, but it will always live in our imaginations.

Get the big picture here.

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