Saturday, November 28

Thursday, June 22

The so-called Scottsboro Boys had been on trial and in appeal since 1931. Of the 9 defendants originally charged with rape, 8 had quickly been sentenced to death. That case went to the Supreme Court, which found that the defendants had been denied proper consul, and sent the case back to the state.
In the first retrial of the case, Heywood Patterson was again found guilty by a jury. Athens judge Horton suspended his sentence and ordered a new trial, finding that the testimony of his accuser was likely false. Horton was fortunate that he had a farm to retire to, because this ruling ended his judicial career.
Meanwhile, a pitcher is knocking them out with the Crawford Colored Giants. It will be a couple of decades before he’s playing in the Major leagues.
Chicago gets hot this time of year,

cool off today here.

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