Saturday, July 4

Thursday, June 15

OK, so you’ve invented some kind of what we now call a rail gun, which uses electromagnets to propel steel bullets. You’re justly proud of your accomplishment, and Popular Mechanics wants to include a photo of your device in their June 1933 issue. So naturally you include your kid in the picture. Naturally.
Hard to believe that this bill lasted as long as it did. But the minute you remove banking restrictions you get a lot of hanky-panky going on. What can you do? Bankers gonna bank.
Marcus Garvey roared through the twenties, but he had overspent his budget and by 1933 he was promoting a “go fund me” to keep himself afloat.
Here’s an artist’s conception of the guiding light of the Chicago World’s Fair who looks suspiciously like a certain president of the United States.

Who’s yer daddy, today only here.

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