Thursday, January 21

Thursday, July 27

The American religious lost another one today. Talmage, like Tindley yesterday, was a man of wide-ranging interests and accomplishments. It’s ironic that Tindley wrote hymns of things of greater value than silver and gold while Talmage literally assayed ore. Each serving their community.
The Mollisons were an interesting pair. There was a lot of competition in the aviator/aviatrix game, and one thing that set them apart was that they were a married couple. Sort of, anyway, because that darn Lindberg and HIS wife were taking jaunts all over the place, but Amy Johnson Mollison was a qualified pilot and record holder in her own right. As well as being photogenic. At least before the accident.
Pincushions were the sort of souvenir you could pick up at the Fair to fulfill your promise to your aunt or grams that you’d bring them something. I’m sure they graced many a sewing basket for the next several decades. There’s a Roz Chast cartoon here I’m sure- maybe an enormous bonfire with elderly women pitching in their crappy Chicago World’s Fair souvenir pincushions?

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