Thursday, January 27

Thursday, December 28

An obvious theme today, inside/outside. These guys may be outside the house, but they are inside their fancy coats, and two of them are damn proud of the linings. One of those times I wish for a color photograph. It’s a bit like peacocks, funny that it works.
Plenty of light and air in this home. Not how I would arrange the chair and the keg, but they are multi-use items and there’s lots of space for them. Hardwood floors throughout, private room in rear.
In Japan, the roof is the thing. If you’ve got ancient tiles, you’re set.
The only place with nobody in the picture. It’s an old toll house on an old turnpike, and the octagonal section was intended to provide an uninterrupted view for the toll keeper, so maybe there’s someone inside watching.
Home is where the bong is. Remember, wear layers this winter.
All you need wear in this house is something to cover the naughty bits. If you pen the chickens under the house they probably eat all the creepy-crawlies before they can get in. And then you eat the chickens!

symbiosis, here.

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