Sunday, September 27

Thursday, August 31

A long month draws to a close. I hadn’t known about this fellow Theodor Lessing before, but he is said to have argued that “history, having no objective validity, amounts to a mythic construct imposed on an unknowable reality, in order to give it some semblance of meaning.” Perfect.
Like Leonor Fini, he liked cats. He also liked to argue about things, and this led him to denouncing a town ordinance which sought to exterminate all cats after a family of four was bitten by an angry one. This eerily presaged his own murder by Nazis, who would of course eventually pass national ordinances seeking to exterminate various humans.
Speaking of Nazis, young Leni was starring in what I believe was her last acting role- at least, acting in the movies. She would assume a larger role as the director of propaganda films, as we now know, but at this moment she could still be appreciated for her talents with a clear conscious.
The Works Progress Administration was paying to record living history. So grateful for recordings like this one that Moby missed.
And- just a picture taken in the Philippines.

Let’s push August over the edge.

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