Sunday, September 27

Sunday, September 3

Not everyone in America can make it to the Chicago World’s Fair so they decide to hold thousands of smaller fairs all around the country. None of them will have such an astonishing array of souvenirs, however.
There’s an unusual sort of causeway down in Texas, which must have been a lot of fun to take your date over and hear her scream as you take your hands off the wheel and hit the gas! Gotta sound the klaxon to warn the folks fishing though, so they could move over to the other side and let you pass. This will be your last chance to enjoy it- there’s that storm coming across the gulf from Cuba.
The Blueshirts in the Irish republic were banned. Quite a unique occurrence in 1933, to have a fascist organization banned rather than elected as leaders. They burrowed into the arms of a more acceptable political group, and the combination is still around today- calling themselves the progressive center or some such silly nonsense.
It’s been a while since we’ve lost an aviator. Francesco seems to have had a nicely tailored flying suit, but then, those Italians are all about style. Sadly his plane was too heavy to lift off, crashed, and burned.

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