Monday, September 20

Sunday, October 8

The young chap in the middle there has just been promoted King. The Kiingitanga, or King Movement in New Zealand began as a response to the invasion of their island by colonists. Rather than see their culture dissolve into Westerness, they created a position which represented what it meant to be Māori, and this person, man or woman, ran interference for the people. At least, that’s how I interpret it. The 5th king felt unprepared for this responsibility, but he accepted it, and made sure that his children were well versed in Western ways. What’s interesting is that he had no real power, the way we think of kingship, but he was the spokesman for his people. Pretty smart idea.
Meanwhile, in the West, everyone assumes that the world will end with a bang! Here’s a fabulous illustration for a “science-fiction” story which features Jesus intervening in the battle of Armageddon. Once again art imitates life, or something.
Shopping continues as usual, although the photo does present a fractured version of the ritual. It’s all about texture and patterns I think- a powerful photograph.
Another street scene, and compared to the futuristic image above it, this looks right outta the Middle Ages. We do have barrooms that look just as tumbly as this around where I live, some of which have had porches fall right off recently. They’re time-machines.

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