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The Nazi attempt to direct the course of art in Germany got off to an inauspicious beginning today when Hitler’s Silver Hammer broke on the third stroke (one stroke for each Reich, see) on the cornerstone of the new House of Art in Munich. Never the less, he persisted, and when it was time to unveil the new building, there was a distinct lack of art deemed both properly upholding the principles of Nazism and worth looking at. So they cooked up the idea of holding a simultaneous exhibition of “degenerate” art nearby. Naturally, the degenerate art exhibit drew ten times the number of people who attended the officially sanctioned art in the new House of Art.
Most of the degenerate art had simply been confiscated by the state for the show, and later lost or destroyed. Today I have posted works by artists deemed degenerate in Germany in 1933. I’ve seen nothing yet from the official show worth posting.
The most valuable contribution of the Nazi art program was the actual House of Art itself, which was a leap forward in gallery design. Oh, and oddly, Hitler did not allow any of his own art to hang in that opening show. He had moved on to bigger things.

I don’t know art but I know what I like here.

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