Tuesday, October 27

Sunday, October 1

It’s so romantic. What woman could resist the charms of Public Enemy #1? When a guy writes “I wish I were free so I could take you away and make you happy…” he’s usually referring to his marriage, however “…but the least I can expect is ten years” isn’t the way a sentence like that normally ends. Who knows, maybe Dillinger’s true desire was to “settle down and work for a girl,” and he just never had the chance with the right one?
Every little girl dreams of being a princess at some time or another. Here are two genuine princesses, and they’re all done up to the nines for a stroll through the park. What do little princesses dream of being?
The Tin Man had arms made of metal, but this woodsman drives his blade with a Caterpillar. He’s dressed like he’s heading for the polo field.
One of the great romances of the era, Stieglitz and his muse, or was it O’Keeffe and hers? This photo feels right at home in our era. What I like are the reflections of sky in the chrome, a sort of a preview of coming attractions.
it’s so dreamy, here.

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