Tuesday, December 1

Sunday, November 5

Everybody is glad- maybe because the election is over? They were still in their first year with Franklin, and while he confused investors with his reversal on government gold purchasing, regular folks liked what he was doing. It was “do something, anything” versus “keep things the same”.
But Tex died suddenly while on tour. It was something in the water, which was the joke she made. Notorious pistol-packin’ mama, the prototype for Mae West. That’s the way the girls are from Texas.
How delighted she looks to be watching hamburger cook via invisible rays! Once again, Pynchon climbs aboard with his Pig Bodine discovering microwave cookery while in the Navy, having stashed some purloined burger near his ships radar antenna and coming back to find it nicely done. The novel “V” is chock full of urban legends like this- everyone knows they had already been cooking this way at the Chicago World’s Fair.
Looks like little Johnny won’t be getting any new dolls for Christmas. Imagine ordering about a ton of coal this way from Amazon!
Lost Texas, and now Japan. Sen Katayama was a founder of Japanese communism, but he couldn’t return home because of it. They’d have nothing to do with it there.

exiles may revolt here.

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