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They held a general election in Spain today in ’33. As you might already know, there had been a considerable amount of political tension there since the formation of the Second Spanish Republic in 1931. One of the things the Republic had managed to do was to give women the right to vote, but many of their reforms were unpopular among conservatives. They may have over-reached just a tad.
The results of the election reflect a familiar pattern- conservative in vast portions of the country, often poor farming regions, and leftist in urban areas, where communism was a viable option. I’m not sure, but I don’t think they had what we would call suburbs there in 1933. Also too, entire books have been written about the complicated political factionalism in Spain leading up to their civil war, so beware of drawing any conclusions from this map. What’s mainly clear from it is that the forces on the left faced a daunting tactical situation if they had been considering, say, fighting for control of the country.
Speaking of which, there was considerable unrest in Cuba at this time. Sergeant-voted-most-likely-to-become-Dictator Batista has an anti-aircraft battery in place on the roof of the Presidential Palace. I’m not sure what forces he was expecting to be using airplanes against the government, but it was probably good for his image.
The farmers’ strike in the US is widespread and serious, with some Governors calling out the Guard and some farmers getting killed for blocking bridges and overturning milk cans. Property is king here, and they are fighting for control of it. If only farmers could be persuaded to keep selling foodstuffs at a loss!

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