Monday, March 1

Sunday, November 12

Here’s a magazine cover that is a little bit alarmist. Anarchists throwing bombs was a recent phenomena, and the lit fuse on a round bomb is still a powerful symbol. Maybe the bomb symbol of our times is the suicide vest, but it’s the same idea.
Only now we know that this cover was proved fukkin’ right. It doesn’t mean that anyone could have done anything to stop that train. The number of people who believed that the world was on a path to war (and that this was a bad thing) was balanced out by the number of people who either didn’t care or who believed that it was a good thing. If only we could get everyone pulling together!
Well, they did, practically, in Germany. There was a vote on this date, with a participation rate of something like 97% of the eligible voters, 92% of whom agreed that Germany should withdraw from the League of Nations, and also supported the Nazi candidates in the Reichstag, the German “congress” or “parliament”. If you voted yes to these things you got one of these cool badges to wear. This is a clue to what fascism actually is.
The wind blew for a couple of days and by the time it was done a lot of the upper mid-west was settling to the bottom of the Atlantic. Perhaps someone had better look into this?
And on this day Hugh Gray took some iconic photographs of the thing that was swimming around in Loch Ness. I mean, just look at it! If that’s not convincing evidence than I don’t know what is.
seeing is believing, here.

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