Saturday, November 28

Sunday, May 21

Noted intellectual Langston Hughes called him an entertaining huckster. Harlem’s Rev George Wilson Becton encouraged his flock to contribute a dime a day to his church, and he lived well on the income, telling people that “God ain’t poor”. Tapping into the limited income of these folks may be why he ran afoul of the policy racket, aka “the numbers”. It’s a mystery who did the job or why, but he was gunned down in Philly on this day.
Searching for a color for the Reverend’s background, I recalled artist Reginald Marsh, and found that he was indeed active in 1933- in fact, his art plays wonderfully at the edge of ugly that predominated in ’33 artwork, and I think it’s due largely to the vibrancy of his palette. He steers clear of murkiness.
And then there’s an ad for lost shoes- wouldn’t some modern hipsters love to get their feet into a pair of these skates!

check out today’s contraption here.

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