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Science fiction was science fact in 1933. Sure, many scoffed and laughed at the little rocket clubs with their dreams of interplanetary flight. Zucker had what might have been a practical plan of delivering mail to remote islands via rockets- in fact he nearly sold the British Postal Service on the idea. But lacking any real understanding of propulsion and guidance he wasn’t enough of a rocket geek to actually figure out how to do it.
Wernher von Braun was the geek to do it, and his rockets delivered a lot of “mail” to Britain toward the end of WWII, but of course, he’s become something of a hero now. Would have been interesting if he had refused to create death machines, right?
There’s another interesting bunch of geeks who were getting it on out in sunny California at this time. The had that Cali public relations savvy, and realized that interplanetary societies, and even the term “rocket” made these groups appear to be crackpots, so they went with a more ambiguous name, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

the “Suicide Squad” in ’36
Simi Valley California, 1950’s

And what they would get up to was impressive. Here’s a little tribute to them- the Simi Valley Rocket Club.

Typically, today’s 1933 post is here, but only for today.

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