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Sunday, June 18

Assassinations and attempted assassinations were the normal mode of business in much of the world- in 1933. The threat of being killed for speaking out is certainly asymmetrical. The more brutal the regime, the more likely they are to use this particular tool of statecraft. I wonder if the Dali Llama ever put out a hit on someone?
I find it interesting that a) someone knew enough and bothered to post a reference to Yang Xing Fo’s death in WikiPedia, and that b) there is practically no other information about it online. This is why I’ve included the book excerpt- the circumstances surrounding his assassination were well known at the time, and widely denounced, but references to it and even photos of Yang Xing Fo seem to have disappeared into the memory hole. Of course, I have no evidence of this- but on the other hand, Chiang Kai-shek had powerful friends in the West, and probably had reasons for minimizing this particular operation.
Yet the fractured Chinese government still managed to build a reproduction of a Temple at the World’s Fair in Chicago. That’s probably a story in itself right there.

See the remains here.

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