Saturday, July 4

Sunday, June 11

Here’s another disaster without much evidence on the net. A sight-seeing plane crashed while viewing the Century of Progress. Was there an effort to keep this sort of news out of the papers? The crash site photo was found in some newspaper’s archive and put up for sale recently, but I found nothing online that had been published at the time of the crash. Probably just a coincidence. Why bother people with uncomfortable news like that?
Since that covers the news out of Chicago for the day, I went a little farther afield and put up one of many photos taken by Robert Platt in South America in 1933. I’m not sure if he was a professional or a casual photographer, but they are the kind of photos I like to see- everyday things like cattle in fields, bananas being loaded onto boats, and this nice auto being refueled.

If it bleeds it leads here.

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