Tuesday, August 4

Sunday, July 30

Cover art is a hook. The dozing yokel is being hooked by the Naiads, just as we are being hooked by the illustration. Any second now that large son will be sputtering in the water, wide awake and flailing. Why are we laughing?
We are easily hooked. The romance of the sea, its mystery and power, something we feel that we can dream on. It will draw us in.
Here’s the home of the gods. Mount Olympus. This was a time when mythology, while as much a joke as it is now, was much closer at hand. We had to build some walls to keep it at bay- unless, of course, you were among those who hunted in those waters.
How could anyone looking up at the new RCA building not believe that those working in it were entirely in control of our mythology? They had all the technology at hand to contain it, and the height to project it for great distances. Thunderbolts from 535 to 1,605 kHz.
And in Chicago the model version, a similar stack of blocks, an earthly alter to those on high. Reasonably priced. What will the oracle whisper into your waiting ear?

visions available here.

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