Saturday, November 28

Sunday, July 23

Airman Wiley Post completed his turn around the world 30 seconds before today began in New York, having completed the last leg direct from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In doing so, he established the world record for solo flight, but it must be said that he flew at high latitudes, which shortened the distance as compared to the equator. Not to detract from his feat!
The state of the art contraption, the “mechanical brain” which allowed him to do it, is beginning to be installed in commercial airliners. Thankfully someone thought to preserve the one that flew with Post. All analogue, I bet.
The Nazis are ruthlessly efficient, as we’ve always heard. No sooner has a deal been struck with the Catholic church than the other major Christian sect is inveigled to organize along party lines. They will ensure that opposing arguments will remain unheard. Even at this early point in the Reich, they are locking up foreign agitators- Communists from the United States no less. “Deportation proceedings were impossible”? I hope poor Walter Orloff made it out of there OK. In America at this time, alternatives to capitalism were still allowed to be discussed in polite company. Consent is manufactured, not imposed, in the land of the free.
And the Fair continues to extend its tentacles of influence by any means possible.

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